Graeme C Cooper

Project Director, Electric Vehicles @ National Grid Renewable

Graeme leads National Grid Corporate work on electric vehicles/decarbonisation of transport by leading and coordinating all the work relating to the UK regulated business of National Grid.

National Grid separated the Electricity and Gas Transmission Ownership (TO) from the Electricity System Operation (ESO) in April 2019, so Graeme represents the Asset business of National Grid.

His work helps the Government, the energy and transport industry’s transition towards zero emission. With over a decade in communications infrastructure and over a decade in low/zero carbon electricity generation, Graeme is a well-known and highly respected energy industry expert.

Graeme is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University (BSc 1997) and Bi Norwegian Business School (MBA Energy 2016).

Graeme takes his decarbonisation work home with him as he drives a PHEV and BEV and heats his home using ground source heat pumps.