Dolphin N2 – A Review of the Future Propulsion Conference 2022

 Dolphin N2 – A Review of the Future Propulsion Conference 2022

Thank you Katy-Jane on behalf of Dolphin N2 for their wonderful review of the Future Propulsion Conference 2022.

Dolphin N2 was one of our 2022 Bronze Exhibitors, displaying their ThermoPower ™ Recuperated Split Cycle Engine, and how the technology can support the heavy goods/off-highway/agriculture drive towards zero emissions.

With Simon Brewster  – CEO, Dolphin N2, Nick Owen – Technical Director, Dolphin N2 & Gilbert Sammut – Simulation Engineer, Dolphin N2 welcoming delegates on the exhibitor stand, Katy had the chance to explore the conference and see what FPC2022 had to offer to the various engineers, academics & industry leaders who were in attendance.

Having been able to join in with different aspects of the conference, Katy comments on the Keynote speakers, Seminar sessions (with a focus on Heavy-Duty), and the event as a whole.

“Having been cancelled for the last two years due to the pandemic, FPC2022 was an incredibly vibrant event, full of engineers, academics & industry leaders networking, learning about the developments in the propulsion sector.”

“The Future Propulsion Conference was an incredible opportunity for academics, industry leaders & engineers to gather together for the first time in “3D” for what seems like an age & the overwhelming feedback from the event was how successful it was at bringing like minded teams of people together with one ultimate goal; a reduction of tailpipe emissions to reduce the impact of advancing climate change.”